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Standard ticket ($50) includes three drink tickets, passed appetizers, dessert bar and entertainment*. Please bring a picnic dinner.

Deluxe ticket ($100) includes three drink tickets passed appetizers, a catered dinner from local caterers, dessert bar and entertainment*.

This event is on RAIN or SHINE!

*Entertainment varies by location





For the first time Dinner in White will be taking place at TWO locations, Denver and Fort Collins, simultaneously! The locations of the events will remain a secret until the day of the event. Dinner in White will take place on 8/18/18.


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Your Support Matters!

Cancer touches everyone, sometimes, unfortunately, this includes your furry friends. This year net proceeds from Dinner in White will benefit comparative oncology research at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center in Fort Collins. The Flint Animal Cancer Center is a pioneer on an international stage in the fight against cancer in pets and people. Your support at Dinner in White, at any amount, makes a world of difference!

Keynote Speakers

Denver Speakers – Brad, Heidi, and Duke

Duke, a “loving and chill” Golden Retriever, means the world to the Robinson’s.

“He just has this personality that attracts people,” says Heidi, Duke’s human. “I’ve never seen anything like it, strangers are drawn to him and will walk right up to him when we’re out in public.

In November of 2017 the Robinson’s noticed a lump on Duke’s left front leg. It didn’t seem to bother him so his family decided they would monitor it. A couple months later it appeared the lump had grown significantly. A trip to the vet confirmed the Robinson’s worst fear-cancer. Specifically osteosarcoma.

Now, Duke is doing well on a clinical trial at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center.

“I would recommend CSU to anyone whose pet is diagnosed with cancer,” says Brad, Duke’s other human. “Initially, this was a scary diagnosis to wrap our heads around, but after meeting Duke’s surgeon and the clinical trials’ staff, we were really put at ease. Everyone is truly committed to providing the best care and outcome possible for Duke, and that means a lot.”

Duke, Brad and Heidi are thrilled to share their story at the Denver Dinner in White. They hope you will join them for a spectacular evening!


Fort Collins Speakers- Scott, Tina and PD Wisler

PD, a handsome German Shepherd and retired K9 tracking dog, was diagnosed with a hemangiosarcoma, a cancerous tumor that developed from the cells lining the blood vessels, in May. Now, PD is enrolled in a clinical trial at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center and feeling great! Hear more of this hero’s story at Dinner in White in Fort Collins!


2018 Dinner in White Sponsors

Dinner in White would not be possible without our incredible sponsors!

2018 In-kind Donors*

Donations vary by location*